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Convergence™ is the Business Process Management technology platform from Covius that gives clients the ability to reduce operational expenses while increasing agility and flexibility.

Covius’ full-service approach delivers fully functional applications that match your specific needs, instead of forcing your business to adapt to an off-the-shelf product, or learn a new platform and toolkit before development can even start. Our SaaS delivery model helps you substantially reduce spending on technology infrastructure by utilizing our secure cloud-based platform.

The Convergence platform powers mission-critical BPM applications for some of the largest names in the financial services industry.

The Power of Convergence

  • Track Progress, not Spreadsheets. Running projects with spreadsheets leads to proliferation of files and no view of the big picture. Utilizing our flexible data model and dynamic Web-based user interface engine, your data stays where it belongs - in one place – but consistent, accurate and accessible by your entire team.
  • Visualize trends and forecasts for better decisions that were out of focus or completely hidden via integration to business intelligence, maps and reporting. Be able to see the forest and the trees.
  • Improve Communication. Keep those who need to know in the know with our template and data driven notification engine and action triggers from within email.
  • Adapt to change, not work around It. Change is inevitable, and our workflow engine allows you to continuously adapt to change, instead of resorting to workarounds and manual “solutions” outside the system.
  • Access Anytime, Anywhere. With web-based and mobile access, Covius provides 24 x 7 x 365 access to your information. Covius supports Apple, Android and Windows mobile platforms.
  • Collect Data, not Files. Convert cumbersome methods of data collection with spreadsheets and thumb drives to a powerful but simple web-based approach. Our flexible data import and forms engine will have you up and running in record time.
  • No Garbage In means No Garbage Out. Stop bad data from leading you to bad decisions by enforcing gatekeeping rules consistently across the platform with the data validation and normalization engine.
  • Transform Documents, Empower Teams. Convert mountains of paper documents to electronic form in our secure document management system. Now the binder that was gathering dust in a remote warehouse is available to your entire team, via an easy-to-use web interface.
  • Airtight Security. Putting your data in the Cloud means placing complete trust in a third-party to keep your business running and secure. Our state-of-the-art hosting facilities ensure around-the clock availability and compliance with the highest security standards in the industry.
  • Single-Sign-On Convenience. Federated authentication model allows seamless use of organizational accounts to access the platform, eliminating the login screen and another password to remember.
  • Seamless Integration. Inter-connect existing applications with ease using the flexible data and workflow integration API. Build bridges across islands.

  All Covius applications are hosted at Tier 4 Data Centers in the United States

  • Enterprise-level security and redundancy
  • Role-based access control
  • SOC2/AT 101 certified annually
  • Load-balanced, clustered servers with guaranteed uptime
  • Enterprise backup services
  • Geographically-dispersed disaster recovery site
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